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                                                                              Skin Care  Treatments


We offer expert skin care with the latest techniques and products to give you glowing, youthful skin!

Spa Facial

Our classic custom blended facial designed to refresh your skin.  

A relaxing hand and arm massage is included.

1 hour - $95

Express Facial    

1/2 hour - $55

Rejuvenating Facial

With this results-oriented treatment you will experience a glowing

complexion and diminished wrinkles.

1 hour - $100

Deep Pore Cleansing Facial

An exfoliating facial designed to deeply cleanse and remove impurities.  

Your skin will be rebalanced and have a healthy glow.

1 hour - $100

Ultimate Back Facial

This relaxing treatment includes a deep exfoliation with extractions,

custom mask and a stress relieving massage.  

You will emerge relaxed and rejuvenated.

1 hour - $95

Pleasure of the Senses

This exquisite face and back treatment will nurture and rejuvenate you inside and out! It combines warm stone massage, aromatherapy oils,

exfoliating Chinese herbs, and warm compresses.

1 hour - $95

*Please text (909)744-7462 to inquire about an appointment.

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