Waxing Services For Women


We offer complete waxing services for the face and body. 

We use the finest products to ensure your service is gentle and comfortable. 

We are using an Azulene wax. It is a gentle, warm wax that removes hair quickly and effortlessly using paper strips. It is safe and effective for almost any skin type.


How it works: Our waxing esthetician applies the warmed Azulene wax over the desired hair removal area using a wooden spatula. Once applied, she places pellon strips over the wax, quickly pulling the strips off, along with the unwanted hair. For those new to waxing, our professional estheticians will provide a free test on a small portion of skin to show you how it works and to ensure that it is the best wax for you. For quick, less painful wax treatments, Azulene Wax is a great way to go.


* No double dipping! We wear gloves!

Full Leg Waxing - $55

Full Leg with Regular Bikini Waxing - $65

Upper Leg Waxing - $40

Toe Hair Waxing-$12

Upper Leg with Regular Bikini Waxing- $65

Lower Leg Waxing (with knee) - $35

Lower Leg with Regular Bikini Waxing -$65

Regular Bikini Waxing - $35

Full Chest Hair Waxing- $40

Full Stomach Waxing - $40

Lower Stomach Waxing - $15

Full Back Waxing - $40

Lower Back Waxing -$20

Full Arm Waxing - $35

3/4 Arm Waxing - $30

Half Arm Waxing - $25

Under Arm Waxing - $15

Eyebrow Waxing - $18

Facial Cheek Waxing - $15

Upper Lip Waxing- $8

Chin Waxing- $12